Day 4 - 23rd April 2021



Presentation: Success Stories of Deploying Blockchain and Lessons Learned

  • Looking into a step by step guide to running a successful pilot and taking it to the next level  
  • Exploring the key challenges faced in deployment.  
  • Practical tools for getting the board onside.  
  • Balancing regulatory requirements with blockchain principles.  
  • Examining strategies for overcoming key hurdles.



Panel: The future of enterprise technology – Predictions of 2021 & Beyond

  • A look at the front running successful blockchain projects in action.  
  • Evolve or die; Examining how these companies have managed to achieve implementation and the results they are seeing. 
  • How can the eco-system work together to catapult the next stage of innovation? 
  • Predictions for the next phase of the internet 



Presentation: Molecular Economy – Blockchain Will Power the Future Machine to Machine Economies

  • Arguments that blockchain is just one of many databases that is not yet very good, or very fast, or very scalable, 
  • Understanding that what blockchain does, it does very well. 
  • Examining if it will take an open model to build out the protocols – the transformation process. 
  • Exploring why blockchain will become transformative where authenticity is critical, which gets you to things like global clearance, the global supply chain, healthcare, and aerospace 
  • Coopetition’ between and across industries, and around the world 



Panel: Blockchain, COVID-19 and building a Blockchain Big Society

  • Exploring What the COVID-19 pandemic means for blockchain and crypto 
  • Opportunities for improving supply-side resiliency and adaptability and validating, securing and transmitting data in the time of a pandemic 
  • Building robust response solutions to support critical services 
  • What are the risks? 



Presentation: Securing IoT with blockchain technology

  • Why secure IoT… is it necessary now?  But How?  
  • Data and identity and authenticity, oh my! Off to see the wizardry.  
  • Chaining connected devices on the blockchain.  
  • New IoT blockchain economies emerging:  Join the parties. 



End of Day 4

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