Day 4 - 23rd April 2021



Presentation: Blockchain for Driving Innovation at Airbus

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Panel: Investors – Connecting Start-ups With Enterprise

This panel will cover:

○ Investors will discuss how to find the right fit between startup and enterprise. 

○ How investors and incubator programmes foster startups to match fit. 

○ Incubation time scales; Moving through the motions. 

○ Barriers to success: Regulation, scalability and the disparity between current technology and the services enterprises demand. 

○ Exploring why structure is the key to implementing new technology in large scale enterprise. 


Moderator: Peter Gelardi Mikkelsen, Founder, Nordic Token Alliance
Andrea Bonaceto, Founding Partner & CEO, Eterna Capital
Ivan de Lastours, Blockchain Lead, Bpifrance
Mikhail Mironov, Partner, SMC Capital 



Presentation: Molecular Economy – Blockchain Will Power the Future Machine to Machine Economies

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Panel: Blockchain for Sustainability and Social Innovation

○ Looking at how blockchain is empowering social innovation and environmental projects. 

○ Emerging countries; Use cases in charity, voting, poverty, sustainability. 

○ How are we leveraging the next technology revolution for the good of mankind – taking back the power to the people. 

○ What public sector and government action is taking place. 



Presentation: Digital Assets on the Stock Exchange – What Will This New Landscape Look Like?

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End of Day 4


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