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This presentation will take a look at:

○ Crisis Response – Discussing digital transformation during the time of COVID-19. How has this reshaped your strategy and what new opportunities has this presented for your business?  

○ Is Digital Transformation being rushed due to the pressures of COVID-19? 

○ Discussing the importance of people and change management for ensuring success – Continuous dialogue as a marker for success. 

Fresh ways of working – Discussing the introduction of new workplace technologies to enable the digital workforce. What tools, technologies and solutions work best? 

Discussing the importance of company culture and why this is matters more now than ever before. 

Associated Speakers:

Neil Butler

Chief Technology Officer, NHS Test and Trace Service

Department of Health and Social Care

Associated Talks:

12:45PM - Day 1

View Panel Discussion: Digital Leadership in a Modern Age – The Importance of a Human Centric Digital Strategy

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