Day 2 - 10 November 2021



Presentation: Headless Tech for Creating Custom Shopping Experiences

Research shows that 86% of businesses say their customer acquisition costs have increased in the last 24 months. Utilising new technologies and approaches are critical to engaging new, and retaining existing customers.  

In this session we discuss: 

○ Strategies for blending content with commerce to benefit both customer experience and back end e-commerce functionality. 

Converting customers through engaging content to a frictionless digital journey. 

○ Discussing the importance of a personalised experience. 

○ Partnerships and interoperability discussed. 



Panel: Customer Loyalty – How to Improve Retention With Personalisation & Digital Experiences

This panel discussion will explore:

○ Artificial Intelligence – The key to knowing your customersUsing AI to understand and anticipate the behaviours of customers in order to serve better, more personal, more relevant experiences that lead to increased loyalty over time. 

○ Gaining a 360 view of your customer – Understanding the purchase and consumer journey to help inform investment and service development decisions. 

○ Analytics and Digital Transformation – What metrics can you use for measuring that engagement, and what should be outputs/outcomes be?  

○ Discussing the importance of consistencyreliability and ease of use for customer retention. 



Presentation: Data Science and Machine Learning for Understanding and Serving Your Customers

○ How to use Data Science to create a sustainable impact on the bottom-line by developing innovative products, enhancing customer experience and building long-term customer loyalty. 

○ How Machine Learning can help improve predictive models, develop actionable consumer insights and enhance decision management systems? 



Panel: Technology of the Future and Ubiquitous Connectivity

This panel will explore:

○ What new opportunities does 5G connectivity and WiFi6 provide for consumer engagement and experience? 

○ How will this impact consumer expectations when it comes to experience and how can these best be served? 

○ With the ‘always connected’ consumer, what new opportunities are presented through new platforms and devices? 

○ Discussing the importance of having a unified consumer journey across all devices. 



Presentation: Embracing Digital Transformation for a Unified View of the Customer

This session will cover:

○ Examining the explosion of the Customer Data Platform (CDP) and the benefits and opportunities presented through having one unified view of the customer.  

○ Discussing the digitally connected and informed consumer – Assessing their evolved expectations, what is needed to better serve them? 

○ Customer engagement and understanding – ensuring you capture all customer touchpoints across digital platforms to anticipate behaviours, personalize interactions and improve customer stickiness



End of Day 2



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Day 1, 9th November 2021 – Digital Transformation Leadership