Day 2 - 10 November 2021



Presentation: IT Infrastructure & Operations (I&O) as the Backbone of Digital Transformation

This session will take a look at:

○ Discussing the intersection of on-premises data centers, private clouds, and public clouds and the challenges and opportunities these pose. 

○ What are the governance issues raised when using Data Centre Interconnection to overcome speed and agility challenges? 

○ Deconstructing the traditional data centre model to achieve tailored flexibility and optimisation for different business areas, workloads, evolving partner ecosystems and computing at the edge for things such as the Internet of Things (IoT) 

○ The importance of API-based integration platforms for interoperability. 



Panel: Big Data and Analytics Architecture – Enabling Your Insights Driven Business

This session will cover:

○ Discussing the ecosystem of data warehouses/lakes/the cloud, what is needed to build an effective analytics environment. Examining the benefits and pitfalls of each approach. 

○ Do you have access to the data you need, and if not, how do you go about gaining access and organising that data? 

○ Generating insights that reduce Inefficiencies in your business processes – where can improvements be made that have the biggest impact? And what challenges are to be overcome to make such improvements? 

○ The right data at the right time – What innovative approaches can be used to identify the right data-set with the right signals to train algorithms? 



Presentation: Does Digital Transformation Depend on Quantum Computers?

In this session you will learn:

○ With Quantum Computing providing the ability to easily query, monitor, analyze, and act on data at scale, from any source at any time on a scale which has never been seen before. What are the tangible opportunities of this technology and how can it be implemented in the real-world? 

○ Discussing the evolving quantum ecosystem, the technology and knowledge gaps that need to be bridged to enable future implementation. 



Panel Discussion: Shifting your IT Spend From Legacy to Leading Edge

○ Discussing strategies for simplifying and transforming applications, standardising platforms, and automating operations to improve services, deliver more value and lower costs.  

○ In what ways can the Internet of Things, pervasive sensing, and RPA be incorporated into companies existing data fabric? 

○ How do we integrate our connected ecosystem of suppliers, customers, and stakeholders and realise the vision of the “digital value chain”? 

○ Legacy system challenges discussed and how to overcome them. 



Presentation: Moving Towards the Intelligent Edge – The Benefits of a Convergent Approach

This presentation will explore:

○ Why edge computing should be a key part of a multi-layered and convergent technology strategy 

○ Understanding how edge computing can enable optimisation of artificial intelligence and machine learning, 5G, IoT, and more. 

○ How edge relates to cloud computing 

○ How edge makes the technologies around it stronger 



End of Day 2



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Day 1, 9th November 2021 – Digital Transformation Leadership