Day 1 – Welcome Address



Panel Discussion: Enabling Your Organisation’s Digital Transformation Journey

This session will cover:

○ Building a cohesive business strategy for digital transformation – Who are the key stake holders involved and do you need dedicated C-Level representation and department, or is this every employees responsibility? 

○ Defining strategies for working with multiple stakeholders and combatting internal resistance to change  How might this differ depending upon business size, industry and culture? 

How can value and ROI for digital investment be quantified? And what specific KPIs can you put in place when working across many lines of business, teams and projects? 

○ Exploring the concept of Innovation Governance 



Fireside Chat: Digital Leadership in a Modern Age



Presentation: What to look for in a digital business platform?



Presentation: Understanding Cybersecurity and Risk Assessment – Accelerating Priorities amidst a Changing Landscape.

With the increase of cybersecurity incidents in the (still) current Covid pandemic environment, coupled with heightened regulatory requirements particularly on health data protection, it has become even more evident how important a robust cybersecurity and privacy integrated approach is to organisations.

In this session, we discuss:

  • The relationship between cybersecurity and data protection and privacy: the need to design the protection of assets with individual rights and freedoms in mind, from the outset.
  • Balancing cost and effectiveness of supply chain cybersecurity risk assessment: the potential data sovereignty impact on encryption models
  • The use of AI for real-time detection, analysis, containment and response to cyber threats: the need to implement frameworks that mitigate data protection and ethical risks



Presentation: The Human Factor – Do you need a Human OS upgrade?

  • In an increasingly digital world, understanding the importance of the ‘human factor’ in Cyber Security – Where does personal responsibility lie, and what steps can be taken to help protect your personal and business information?
  • Discussing the shift in understanding, attitude and culture that needs to happen to tackle cyber-crime and bolster security.
  • The importance of Dual Factor Authentication.



Presentation: Where should businesses start with digital transformation?



Speed Networking Session

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End of Day 1