Day 2 – Welcome Address



Panel: Big Data and Analytics Architecture – Enabling Your Insights Driven Business

This session will cover:

○ Discussing the ecosystem of data warehouses/lakes/the cloud, what is needed to build an effective analytics environment. Examining the benefits and pitfalls of each approach. 

○ Do you have access to the data you need, and if not, how do you go about gaining access and organising that data? 

○ Generating insights that reduce Inefficiencies in your business processes – where can improvements be made that have the biggest impact? And what challenges are to be overcome to make such improvements? 

○ The right data at the right time – What innovative approaches can be used to identify the right data-set with the right signals to train algorithms? 



Presentation: Machine Learning and Automated Intelligence within investment



Panel Discussion: Shifting your IT Spend From Legacy to Leading Edge

○ Discussing strategies for creating alignment and prioritisation within your organisation to maximise results of IT transformation – understanding the ‘why’ before the ‘what’.

○ Shifting focus towards the ‘how’ – Simplifying and transforming applications, standardising platforms, and automating operations to improve services, deliver more value and lower costs.  

○ In what ways can the Internet of Things, pervasive sensing, and RPA be incorporated into companies existing data fabric? 

○ How do we integrate our connected ecosystem of suppliers, customers, and stakeholders and realise the vision of the “digital value chain”? 

○ Legacy system challenges discussed and how to overcome them.



Presentation: Data, Transformation and Collective Intelligence

  • Data is the new trendy word that we see everywhere today. The word “data” often implies transformation. How do companies embrace change through data?
  • Discover the secrets to evolve towards a data-driven approach during “Data, Transformation and Collective Intelligence”.



Presentation: Data Science and Machine Learning for understanding and serving your customers

  • How to use Data Science to create a sustainable impact on the bottom-line by developing innovative products, enhancing customer experience and building long-term customer loyalty. 
  • How Machine Learning can help improve predictive models, develop actionable consumer insights and enhance decision management systems? 



End of Day 2

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