Day 1 - 23 November 2021



Registration, Coffee & Networking in the Exhibition Area



Chair’s Opening Remarks

Digital Transformation Leadership



Presentation: Enabling your Organisation’s Digital Transformation Journey

  • Building a cohesive business strategy for digital transformation – Who are the key stake holders involved and do you need dedicated C-Level representation and department, or is this every employees responsibility?
  • Defining strategies for working with multiple stakeholders and combatting internal resistance to change – How might this differ depending upon business size, industry and culture?
  • How can value and ROI for digital investment be quantified? And what specific KPIs can you put in place when working across many lines of business, teams and projects?



Presentation: Finding the Balance – Bridging the Gap Between Legacy and Future Thinking Strategies

In this session we will:

○ Discuss strategies for encouraging and enabling digital transformation within the traditional industries.  

○ Explore the lessons that can be learned from businesses that were ‘born digital’  

Recognise and combat outdated ideas that harm your digital process and strategies.  

○ Explore how digital technologies increase business optimisation 



Binnaz Cubukcu

Ethics and Integrity Leader


Associated Talks:

10:20AM - Day 1

View Panel Discussion: Digital leadership in a modern age – The importance of a human centric digital strategy

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Shabiya Younus-Titsing

Global Director Strategic Programs at Digital Transformation


Associated Talks:

10:20AM - Day 1

View Panel Discussion: Digital leadership in a modern age – The importance of a human centric digital strategy

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Panel Discussion: Digital leadership in a modern age – The importance of a human centric digital strategy

  • Crisis Response – Discussing digital transformation during the time of COVID-19. How has this reshaped your strategy and what new opportunities has this presented for your business?
  • Is Digital Transformation being rushed due to the pressures of COVID-19?
  • Discussing the importance of people and change management for ensuring success – Continuous dialogue as a marker for success.
  • Fresh ways of working – Discussing the introduction of new workplace technologies to enable the digital workforce. What tools, technologies and solutions work best?
  • Discussing the importance of company culture and why this is matters more now than ever before.
. Binnaz Cubukcu, Ethics and Integrity Leader, IKEA
. Shabiya Younus-Titsing, Global Director Strategic Programs at Digital Transformation, Adidas



Morning Coffee & Networking in the Exhibition Area

Future Work Technologies – Enabling your Digital Workforce



Presentation: The evolution of the workplace and the opportunity to embrace new technologies for change

  • The integral role of technology in driving post-pandemic workplace transformation
  • What are the top digital workplace challenges and how can they be addressed?
  • Understanding how some companies have successfully leveraged the disruption to their advantage
  • How cloud and edge computing have enabled the migration of business data and operations



Presentation: AI and the future of work

  • How AI can drive business efficiencies
  • AI: will it replace or augment your workforce?
  • AI is used to amplify human potential. Exploring how humans and AI can collaborate effectively to solve the most pressing business challenges
  • AI’s impact on workplace productivity, worker privacy, and customer personalization



Presentation: How to close the data literacy gap to power the future world of work

We’ve entered a golden era of data. Indeed, according to Gartner “by 2022, 90% of corporate strategies will explicitly mention information as a critical enterprise asset and analytics as an essential competency.” In theory, this should be a huge opportunity for today’s young people given their exposure and comfort levels with tech. Especially if you assume they have a higher propensity to naturally develop the data literacy skills needed for digital business success, such as effective data analysis, storytelling and visualisation. But is any of this really true.

In this presentation we will examine:

  • Why we need a data literate workforce?
  • Whether young people are as data literate as employers expect them to be?
  • How employers can leverage the unique skills of young people to become more digitally dexterous.



Panel discussion: Designing a frictionless digital employee experience

  • Leveraging new design concepts, virtual environments and technologies to create more productive, convenient and collaborative teams and operations. What are the opportunities and challenges for your business?
  • Exploring strategies for creating an employee-centric digital workplace
  • How to enable enhanced productivity in a distributed, hybrid workplace
  • What are the unique values that virtual and augmented reality can bring to your workplace?
  • How a digital workplace framework can help unify your disconnected employee technologies and streamline both your internal process and external customer relations



Lunch & Networking in the Exhibition Area

Digital Operations



Panel Discussion: Shifting your IT spend from legacy to leading edge

  • Discussing strategies for simplifying and transforming applications, standardizing platforms, and automating operations to improve services, deliver more value, and lower costs.
  • In what ways can the Internet of Things, pervasive sensing, and RPA be incorporated into companies existing data fabric?
  • How do we integrate our connected ecosystem of suppliers, customers, and stakeholders and realize the vision of the “digital value chain”?
  • Legacy system challenges discussed and how to overcome them.



Davio Larnout


Radix AI BV

Associated Talks:

02:40PM - Day 1

View Presentation: Digital Transformation of Supply Chain and Customer Care with Artificial Intelligence

10:00AM - Day 2

View Presentation: IT Infrastructure & Operations (I&O) as the Backbone of Digital Transformation 

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Presentation: Digital Transformation of Supply Chain and Customer Care with Artificial Intelligence

. Davio Larnout, CEO, Radix AI BV



Senior Representative, ControlUp Technologies LTD


ControlUp Technologies LTD

Associated Talks:

03:00PM - Day 1

View Presentation: Creating a smart office with the power of IoT

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Presentation: Creating a smart office with the power of IoT

  • What is IoT enabled smart office automation and how can it be harnessed to help businesses thrive in the workplace of the future?
  • Big data will be a key characteristic of the organisation of tomorrow. How we can create a better user experience in smart offices with reliable IoT data
  • How smart building technology works using advanced analytics
  • How can smart inventory help to streamline business operations?
  • How to mitigate cybersecurity risk with IoT smart security solutions
. Senior Representative, ControlUp Technologies LTD, TBA, ControlUp Technologies LTD



Afternoon Coffee & Networking in the Exhibition Area



Presentation: Digital Twin Development and Deployment – Breaking down the barriers

Digital Twin technology is breaking down old boundaries surrounding product innovation, complex lifecycles, and value creation. Essentially, helping us to understand the present in ways that have previously been out of reach, to enable us to better predict the future. With the ever-increasing speed and agility of modern computing power, combined with the cognitive abilities of AI, the possibilities could be endless. But how can your organisation take advantage of this? What exactly is a Digital Twin and how can it be applied to your organisation?

In this session we will discuss:

  • Defining the use case – Are you ready for Digital Twin deployment? Augmented Reality vs. Simulations vs. Digital Twin discussed.
  • How to determine where digital twinning can be effectively deployed in your organisation?
  • What processes and technology do you need in place for Digital Twin deployment? Strategies for determining the right toolset for your project that fits with your organisations technical maturity.
  • The benefits of combining IT and OT for your organisation.



Presentation: IT Infrastructure & Operations (I&O) as the Backbone of Digital Transformation

  • Discussing the intersection of on-premises data centers, private clouds, and public clouds and the challenges and opportunities these pose.
  • What are the governance issues raised when using Data Centre Interconnection to overcome speed and agility challenges?
  • Deconstructing the traditional data centre model to achieve tailored flexibility and optimisation for different business areas, workloads, evolving partner ecosystems and computing at the edge for things such as the Internet of Things (IoT)
  • The importance of API-based integration platforms for interoperability.



Panel: Accelerating skills acquisition in the age of intelligent technologies

  • As emerging technologies outpace skills, what critical workforce developments do business need to consider? What is AI’s impact on skills needed in the workplace?
  • How your business can adjust to the increasing use of technologies and adapt the workforce to a world where automation is the norm in the enterprise
  • An exploration of training methods and the role of technology in career development
  • Exploring the opportunities offered by investing in AI and analytics for an internal talent marketplace



Chair’s Closing Remarks



End of Conference Day One



Networking Party

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